Firstly, thank you for visiting our site… It’s been nearly ten years since we began this journey and we wouldn’t have made it this far without the interest from people like you.

So Super Awesome is the product of Clare’s passion for artists and independent makers. Working night shifts in a dull call-centre in Amsterdam, she had plenty of time to roam the internet and find awesome arts and crafts in-between answering calls. She launched a Tumblr (originally called Books, Paper, Scissors) and shared her treasured finds with the world.

You can sense Clare’s love for independent makers immediately upon landing on our page, and it shines through everything she does. Thousands of followers, bloggers, and influencers recognize Clare’s signature style photo collages, highlighting the details and range of work by the artists she promotes.

Clare’s mission is to bring you your daily fix of independent artists and makers. By promoting the works of these amazing people, So Super Awesome contributes to the world where independent shops can thrive, and craftsmanship rewarded.


Mike and Clare have been together since before Clare’s call-centre days, and he’s been submerged in a world of awesome since. His background in business management and marketing meant that he always thinks he should advise Clare on what do next with her blog. We share our vision of the world in which people around the globe can trade handmade products, celebrate diversity and creativity.

So in 2017, we decided to try a new direction and introduce a richer form of content, including lifestyle and travel articles to tell our story of seeking a balanced life filled with small treasures from the places we’ve visited. Predominantly written by Mike, but with a strong curating influence from Clare, sosuperawesome.blog is our first joint effort, and we’re very excited to share it with you alongside our Tumblr.

You may have noticed that we use affiliate links in our posts. Please note that we independently research the shops we want to bring to your attention. Affiliate links do not influence our curating decisions, but are simply a means by which we can continue to deliver your So Super Awesome for free! 

All images posted to this blog are the property of their respective owners. If you own images that you wish to have removed, please contact mail@sosuperawesome.com


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