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Swimwear Just For You

As a follower of this blog you will know that we are big fans of handmade pretty things. Speciality skincare products and make-up are regularly featured because we think that these can be very beautiful. However, we don’t think that girls and women should feel obliged to wear make-up or hide their natural beauty. We were pleased to see the #nomakeup campaign and similarly, the anti-photoshop movement got a warm reception at So Super Awesome HQ (a.k.a. our living room).

Today we stumbled on a gorgeous little shop in Vancouver with lots of items you would typically expect on our blog, but also a fabulous collection of women’s swimwear; handmade, pretty, and designed to enable all women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin! We got chatting to the team and discovered that each pair had been designed for, and by women affiliated with the store.


The story of Nettle’s Tale started with a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, meeting their target seven times over! The idea was to create swimwear that would make women love their body. Moving away from the stress normally associated with the intimate and vulnerable process of buying a swimsuit, these pairs feel custom-made.


Nettle’s Tale founder, Julia

Julia Church, founder of Nettle’s Tale (read more about her story here) works together with local women of different ages and backgrounds to design items that they love. Their marketing is honest and authentic; the models are the women who worked with Julia to design the suits. They are filmed and photographed doing the things they would normally do. And so, each swimsuit speaks to a different audience, in which other women can recognize themselves.


The result is a diverse collection, celebrating every kind of body shape, stage of life, and style. One reviewer, after having given birth to her two children, loves the ruched Magic Bottoms for a seamless look. Check out the sporty Mercy Tankini and Shorts or, my personal favorite, the limited edition magical Moon and Black Misty Swimsuit.


Below are some more great styles and snaps from their shop and lookbook

Also take a minute to watch their inspiring film below

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