Retro Redefined

The first time I spotted the works by Woodguy32 was when I was doing some research for men’s gifts (so Clare could buy them for me). The horn docking stations he made captured my attention. The idea that old horns could be repurposed into audio docking stations was magnificent. Combining the old and the new, but retaining the unique core values that made each part of this equation special. Modern, authentic and timeless.

Many makers have since been inspired by his retro designs, but he is the original, the creator.

I wanted to know more about the creative persona behind this stroke of genius and contacted Kirk to discover his story. Little did I know I was about to be introduced to someone who’s work had been on the cover of magazines and stuck with his talents throughout incredible hardships.

Kirk used to create wooden Hot Rods which became a hype among the Hot Rod community and eventually Hot Wheels based their wooden Hot Rod on his original design to bring this piece of wonder to the masses.

Whilst recovering from a hand injury, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was unsure if he would ever be able to practice his craft again. Unable to continue working on the large wood projects, he was forced to reinvent himself and his art.

Captivated by the beauty practicality of modern technology, he saw an opportunity to make docking stations for our favorite digital devices.

Since then he has added drawing boards, clocks and keyboards to his shop. Putting new life into obsolete objects, to make something both practical and a conversation piece in any office or living room.

Earlier this year Kirk was re-diagnosed with cancer and he is currently focusing on getting healthy, putting his art aside. We hope he will recover soon and finally put the disease behind him.

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