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Introducing: Rommy Kuperus

You know her as Rommydebommy, maker of delicious looking bags, jewelry and accessories. We have often featured her designs and her work has been picked up by MTV, Cosmopolitan and even Kimmy Gibbler can be seen wearing one of her bags in Fuller House.


French Baguette Purse

For Rommy Kuperus, the brilliant mind behind these creations, food is inspiration. A trip to a supermarket is like stepping into a rabbit hole of textures, shapes and colors. You know the saying, you are what you eat, well Romy allows you to wear what you eat.


Dutch Candy Necklace

Her first piece was based on traditional Dutch candy and soon other accessories followed. Now her portfolio exists of Churros, Tacos, Donuts, Pancakes, Cotton Candy and other candy aisle favorites.

Every item is handmade, solely by Rommy and her careful touch. She is based in the Netherlands, but would love to one day open a fashion house in the US or Paris, ideally with a bakery attached! With her popularity skyrocketing she will soon have to start considering hiring candy loving tailors or face working day & night to keep up with demand.

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