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Meet: NKH

There is a wave of colour and personalisation coming our way, and if it were up to artist NKH we should all be able to wear our own colours wherever we go. You might recall the 2005 Sony commercial (the one that catapulted José González musical career), where thousands of bouncy balls come tumbling down the streets of San Francisco, well that’s the kind of celebration of colour I’m talking about.

NKH seeks to transform the dull grey and chrome finishes so prevalent in modern tech, and instead let users let their personalities shine with wearable art tailored, not mass produced.

His works capture the depth of the wearer and enable greater expression, stepping away from one-size fits all global fashion industry. People can request any item to be painted by NKH in their palette of choice. Much like tattoos, allowing our stories to be told.

Imagine what a delight your commute would be if each carriage was filled with colourful works of art… get ready to bounce!

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