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Hooray! It’s raining!

Foggy clouds rise from Beaver Lake, and a curtain of rain shades our view, but the lush green trees look to appreciate a few fresh drops and remind me that a rainy day is nothing to be sad about. But if you are watching the clouds from your room today, disappointed that the sun is not coming out, let these rainy finds brighten your day!


One of the best things about a rainy day, short of snuggling up inside with a fluffy blanket and binge-watching your favorite shows with a tub of ice cream, is the smell when the sun returns and everything smells clean. Seattle-based candle maker Debra Riphahn has managed to capture that crisp fragrance and create a candle that lets you relive that sensation whenever you miss the blissful smell of a freshly showered world.


Dreading going out and getting soaked? Cloak yourself in a watermelon poncho, and you’ll wish the rain never ends! Nattana has designed several other uniquely awesome ponchos that will make you want to get out in the wettest days of the year.

But if you did just spend a fortune on a new hairdo, and you’re rightfully concerned about your investment, Magdalena & Vincent have got a stylish bonnet to protect you in style. If you combine it with asymmetric long black trench coat by Veselina & Dinko, you’ll look dressed with intention.

Remember when rain meant jumping in puddles testing your new boots, well, reminisce no more and get out there! Sport a pair of blue transparent boots, share your love for comics or opt for the high gloss camo with a bowtie.

Now that you agree with me, that a rainy day is a good day, go ahead and wear this ‘HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS’ jumper with pride. However, if you are still not a fan of wet weather, perhaps wearing this gorgeous needle felted pin will comfort you!

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