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The Perfect Alfresco Dining Experience

This time of year I just want to eat all day. Markets pile up fresh fruit and veggies, fishmongers’ catch of the day widens, and the tantalizing smell of bbq fills the air. There is something uniquely soothing to eating outdoors, transforming even a mundane experience into a feast.

Alfresco dining has the added benefit that you can let your creativity run wild and play with brightly colored food and drinks, mismatched crockery and array of accessories to build an uplifting table setting.

Here are my top tips to create a stunning display that will impress your guests or just boost your spirits.

Make sure you have a variety of dark and light colors in your spread, which is easily done by adding various dishes to your table, each with a different color palette. But even a simple green salad can be jazzed-up when presented in a gorgeous bowl.

Variety is the spice of life, and although it’s cliché, it rings very true for your table setting. Giving your guests different vintage plates will make the whole eating experience feel more authentic and interesting. Mix your crockery, cutlery, and glassware, and you add both contrast and diversity to your mosaic.

While the bbq is heating up and you’re milling around with a Moscow Mule, your guests might want to sit. Instead of ruining the grand reveal of your table, get some lazy chairs and FatBoys lying around for people to sit and chat.

diy table

For me, alfresco dining is in essence just a giant picnic. A good old picnic table is key to giving that rustic feel. So instead of opting for the standard rattan furniture, this year just make your own table! With a simple DIY kit, you can create a bespoke item just for you. For less than $40 you can get some reclaimed wood to finish the table.

Kit out your chef with a stunning apron and cheer up the patio with some string lights and you’re  ready to go. Keep the party going with the warmth of the firepit.

And if you love eating outdoors, but prefer a quiet space for yourself, this portable picnic table is a great solution for you.

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