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Bring Your Dinosaur To Work

Scientists are currently working on cloning dinosaurs and have succeeded in creating a chicken with dinosaur legs, in doing so they have brought us one step closer to Bring Your Dinosaur to Work Day.

I personally think this is taking the concept of rewilding a step too far, every Jurassic Park flick has shown that attempts to domesticate these fearsome eating machines leads only to disaster.

Sure, we all have some degree of admiration for dinosaurs and many of us will have toyed with the idea of becoming a palaeontologist at one point in our lives (generally between the age of 5-10).

I myself still have a modicum of hope that one day I’ll wake up as a fully certified fossil expert. But there are easier ways to display our intrigue for these fluffy reptiles than reintroducing them to the neighbourhood, so without further ado I suggest an alternative Bring Your Dinosaur to Work Day.

This list will satisfy your inner paleo-geek, without having to worry about cleaning up dino-dung or sharing your lunch with a T-Rex.

Ranked from subtle hints to roaring in your face, here are my favorite finds:

A simple pair of silver earrings or a geometric necklace for every occasion and easily paired with any outfit.

Dress up your desk with these funky planters and make a lasting impression with a roaring business card holder.



Wear this pin and your lunch will never disappear from the fridge again.

Broken Fog

Make your reminders stand out from the rest with these eye-catching magnets.


Pair these fun or fossil ties with a crisp white shirt or place this handkerchief in your jacket to make a subtle but clear statement.

Show them you mean business with these cufflinks.


Wear your passion for pre-historic predators with pride in these fossil leggings and dinosaur shirt.

Combine comfort with reptile-style and go for the snug option in this awesome sweatshirt.


Be bold with this wall hanging coat hook.


And if you’re not quite ready to admit to others that you love dinosaurs, just dress up your little one in this cute crochet hat or dinosaur costume and place the picture on your desk.


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