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Create a home of happiness

Meditation has been shown to have many positive effects on our health. From dealing with trauma to relieving stress and anxiety, or simply to give us a sense of calm in our everyday busy lives. We recently created a mood-board with ideas of how to add some Zen to your life, you can see it here for some inspiration.

 To meditate effectively, a silent place free from interruptions or distractions is needed. Creating a tranquil environment is more than just limiting noise and stopping others from barging in; the right aroma and a comfortable position can significantly increase your ability to reach a state of calmness.

Here are our top tips to help you create the perfect meditation room.



Use a meditation pillow to hold a healthy posture, this will help you concentrate on your mind, instead of fidgeting on your seat looking for the perfect hold. If you prefer meditating outside, say on a sunny beach or lush green lawn, a yoga mat might be lighter and easier to carry.


Finding a scent that relaxes you is extremely important. Research shows that smells can take our mind to all sorts of places and trigger memories previously unknown to us. There are many options available, including oils and incense, be sure you pick an aroma that is not too overpowering and distracts from your meditative objectives.



We all have different preferences for lighting levels whilst we meditate. Some prefer the brightness and warmth of the sun, whilst others choose a dimmed candlelit space. Bright up your room with stained glass sun catchers to add more vibrancy to your light conditions.  

On the go

In need of some instant Zen time? Get yourself a meditation pebble to carry in your pocket and get the benefits of mediation wherever you are.



Wall-hangings, statues, and paintings are all aimed to give us the visual stimulations we need to trigger the feelings we seek in our meditation. There might be colors to which you are more sensitive or which aid you on your journey to mindfulness, add these to your meditation space to get the maximum results from your sessions.


Whilst it’s recommended to have a quiet room to meditate in, the concept of quietness is relevant. White noise, carefully curated music or sounds can help us reach a place of calmness. As with our other senses, our preferences will vary from person to person. Personally I cannot meditate in silence as the smallest of background noises distract me, I always play music to help me concentrate.


There are many other factors that can contribute to a successful mediation session, but with the above checks in place you should have a pretty great start.   

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