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Space Odyssey

Researchers discovered a nearby planet on which life might be a possibility. This news came just days after SpaceX managed to land their Falcon 9 rocket upright for a second time, which is needed for humans to travel back and forth to these planets of which Mars will likely be the first.

Space exploration is heading towards a renaissance period with private investors, such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson, keen to push the boundaries and as a result public interest is soaring.

Most of us are probably not able to pay for a ticket to Mars or a cruise around the Earth’s outer atmosphere, so here are our top 10 picks from Etsy makers who can keep your space dreams alive.

10 Solar System Lamp


Opening the list on number 10, turn on the switch and this led light will give you a gentle reminder of the galaxies far away. Well done to Studio By Lamp for only opening their shop earlier this year and already making it to our list.

9 Space Bear Temporary Tattoo


Let’s be honest, who really enjoys a tattooing session? These beauties look just like the real thing, without the pain or price of a multi-hour needle session. Check out their shop for other great galaxy designs.

8 Galaxy Pottery


Amanda’s shop is quickly becoming an internet hype. After we featured her last year her work has been picked up by several other blogs and getting your hands on one of her creations is like buying tickets to a rock concert. Truly inspired pottery. Amanda relists new items several times per month.

7 Planet Bangles

smallantworkshop - planets

Although there are lots of amazing space jewellery items on Etsy, these bangles are really something different. Kudos to Liz for coming up with this winning design and reaching our top 10.

6 Felt Planets

felt planets

Number 6, who says that toys are for kids… these felt toys by Alynn are way too stunning for the hands of a toddler.

5 Solar System Stacking Ring

stacking rings

Yugen Tribe sell these ring individually, but we think that the stacking set stands out and is a deserving number 5.

4 Saturn Handbag

saturn bag

With Saturn hanging from your shoulder you are sure to take the spotlight. Number 4 on our list but PurpleFishBowl2  have plenty of other amazing Space fashion accessories.

3 Little Planets

little planets

Who would want to go in a spaceship when you can hold the entire Solar System in your arms. Our friends at the Little Planet Factory are experiencing an order craze after our Tumblr post went viral early this year. Number 3 on our list which brings us to the runner-up…

2 Solar Bath Bomb Set

space bath bombs

Experience near weightlessness whilst floating in your own solar system. Number 2 is this Solar Bath Bomb set by Heather.

1 Glow in the Dark Galaxy Underwear

gid final

This Portland, OR family business creates fun apparel for men and women. We love this his/hers set and it tops our Space top 10. Check out the other combos in their shop.

And if you are still hungry for Space inspired art, check out our blog here.

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