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The Call of the Wild

The rise of netbooks and tablets has brought a surge in artisan leather makers providing well crafted cases to protect our beloved devices.

One of these makers is Harber London, based in the UK capital, this family business started in 2013 and has created a fantastic line of products that will make you stand out.il_570xN.991686718_36qh

Before joining So Super Awesome, I travelled the UK and sat in countless meetings. My netbook was my trusted travelling companion and wore a chic leather jacket. The high quality leather and slick felt wool made an impression wherever I went and people often asked where they could get their hands on one.

Although I’ve had to replace my laptop since those days, I still use the same case. Still looking as great as the day I first got it, arguably even better as the worn look makes it almost seem vintage.

I have to admit to being somewhat addicted to leather products. I sometimes wonder if it’s rooted in a love for the outdoors. A suiting reminder that even surrounded by concrete and glass towers, the great outdoors are within easy reach. Or perhaps it’s the strength portrayed by wild bulls, reminiscent of a romanticized image of Hemingway heroes.


A wardrobe filled with rustic tweed jackets, rugged boots and leather accessories completed with fly fish boutonnieres and wooden bowties, the modern man shows his love and need for nature in his everyday wear.

Regardless, whether we have a deep-rooted need for connection with the outdoors or just like leather stuff, Harber London offers many products to make you stand out from the crowd.

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